Deborah Wilder BSc MSc

The Health Apps team

Our Founder and Director is Deborah Wilder BSc MSc. Deborah is a health psychologist with several years’ experience in health behaviour research and intervention, project management and medical publishing. This expertise now informs the research, planning and development of health apps. Health Apps Ltd is Deborah’s way of finding practical solutions to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness. She is a keen and experienced cook who strongly values home cooking and family meals eaten together at the table. She has a child who has type 1 diabetes. Diabetes can be tough. The idea for Cook & Count came from her first hand experience of the challenges of trying to keep her son safe and healthy through accurate carbohydrate counting and insulin calculations.

Our brilliant graphic and user interface designer is Daniel Pidcock and our software developers are the multi-talented Karl Nosworthy and the team at HiQo Solutions Inc..

Our Non-executive Advisor is Mike Jackson. Mike moved to Bristol from London having sold his event management business. He founded WebStart Bristol to invest and incubate web startups with investment raised through crowdfunding. A total of 22 companies received investment in 2014 and many of them have gone on to receive further investment. Mike is also a trustee of a maternal mental health charity.

We also work with a range of medical professionals, including diabetes consultants, dietitians, specialist diabetes dietitians and specialist diabetes podiatrists.