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An easy to use, beautifully designed app that gives you accurate nutritional info for any dish you prepare.
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Beautifully designed, easy to use apps to help people become healthier or stay healthy

At Health Apps we are passionate about the power of apps to improve health and wellbeing. Our interactive mobile apps are designed to provide solutions to physical or mental health problems in a simple and enjoyable way. They encourage behavioural change and provide trustworthy, reliable and up to date health information that enhances and reinforces the information given by medical professionals.

We carry out extensive upfront research so that we have a thorough understanding of the health issue in question, rather than approaching purely from a technical standpoint. We do this by working closely with medical professionals and applying a wide range of expertise in health psychology, psychology, dietetics and nutrition, cookery, sport and exercise science, design, technology, and medical publishing.

We use a combination of design and psychology to ensure the user experience is enjoyable as well as effective. We collaborate with clinicians and consultants who have a special interest in the use of technology for patient education and self-management. We also work with academics to carry out important research that informs a range of health behaviour interventions.